5-4-15 – Monday

1. BW 50) Read “The U.S. decides to drop the bomb” on p. 368. Write down a reason FOR and a reason AGAINST dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945.

2. Go over HW

3. May 4th, 1970 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OmZvyNrzAs

4. Barefoot Gen movie:



5-1-15 – Friday

  1. BW 49) What did the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan achieve? How many people were killed by this? (p. 369)
  2. Read this introduction on the use of the atomic bomb on Japan: http://www.history.co.uk/study-topics/history-of-ww2/atomic-bomb
  3. Start watching “Barefoot Gen” to see the impact of atomic bomb from Japanese perspective.

4-30-15 – Thursday

BW 48) Describe the total number of troops and war materials used for “D-Day.” What did it achieve? (p. 362)

Last day in class to work on packet – DUE MONDAY!

D-Day video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82RTzi5Vt7w

HW 4.4 – Crash Course on WWII

Watch the Crash Course video on World War II here:

Answer the following questions:

1) Why does Green think you could argue that World War II started in 1931?

2) Describe what “blitzkrieg” was like and whether it was effective or not.

3) What was the purpose of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster?

4) What nation did Germany attack that opened up the “Eastern Front?”

5) Why was Argentina vital to the Allied powers?

6) Describe two significant things about the Battle of Stalingrad

7) What happened on May 8th, 1945?

8) Green says that World War II had a definite cause involving Germany and Japan. What was it?

9) What is the other cause for WWII that Green argues Hitler and Germany wanted to do with captured territory?

10) What is the Latin/Roman quote that Green uses to describe WWII?

11) Explain why he applies this quote to WWII with at least 3 details from the video.